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Monday, May 14, 2007

Smash the system? Or share the road? (Choose one.)

Word from reader Dennis E. is that Critical Mass riders in Berkeley, California have been getting into a spot of bother. Here, a couple of riders get run over by an angry operator, earlier this week.

A handful of comments to throw at you here: 1) Dude should probably get 2 minutes for faking having his foot runover. I've seen it happen before, and it ain't this easy; 2) That's probably his bike that gets steamrolled, so maybe his karma evens out; 3) this ride didn't look critical or massive enough to prevent the undesirable car-bike interface; 4) then again, the ride was small enough that these guys could have claimed it was a Tuesday Night Ride and hooked up with a sympathetic bike cop; but 5) in that event, maybe they oughtn't to have taped the sitch and posted it to youtube. 6) Whoever was driving that car started out pissed because he or she was going the wrong way down a one way. So often our greatest rage is an outward expression of self-loathing -- don't you think?

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