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Thursday, May 17, 2007

If you have a small head, they could be used as a neck gaitor!

Fat Cyclist says knee warmers are stupid, but they are probably not any stupider than any other random piece of transitional outerwear. Among the reasons he includes... ah forget it, you can read it yourself.

Anyway, our own Jerry Case, in his lightly demeaning manner, weighed in on the subject:


You are wearing your knee warmers wrong. They don't just start where your shorts stop. They extend up over your thighs, thus providing TWO layers over your quads, which I find just as useful as keeping my knees warm. Good knee warmers extend most of the way down the calf too-- at least better, longer cut ones--the woolies from Swobo or Spot. So you've got much of your calf muscle covered, while your shinbones--like the legs of birds in winter -- don't really need any coverage at all.

So why not wear legwarmers? Cuz legwarmers + overboots make you look like a gay pixie, whereas kneewarmers + overboots looks superbad.

This is objectively true and provable.

Next, we suppose Fatty will dismiss long underwear, sweater vests, western-style shirts, and petticoats. Gawd, if he'd only level his barrel at some article of clothing that really deserves it, like epaullettes, spats or lederhosen.


danimal said...

Hey! Leave lederhosen out of this! There comes a time in every life when lederhosen are the perfect choice to wear. When that time might be is entierly up to you, but just wait, it's coming.

Anonymous said...

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