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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Good On Ya Mate!

News out of London today: Bike traffic is up in the city by 6 percent over last year. That's a total of 83 percent since 2000. It just goes to show you what can happen when you eliminate cars from the city center, and London can now proudly call itself a "cycling city" — not something you can say of New York or Los Angeles yet, alas. (Portland, Denver, Minneapolis: thumbs up. San Fran, you got a better reputation than you deserve.)

Jenny Jones, the Mayor's green transport adviser, said: "This is the year of the bike in London. Cyclists are going to transform the look and feel of our city. More cyclists means less congested roads and public transport. Investing in cycling means less pollution and noise, but faster and cheaper transport. More cycling means a healthier, more pleasant London for everyone."

Alas, more bikes and fewer cars will not likely have any impact on the amount of vomit you see in the gutters of Fleet Street.

Coolest part of the news: Brits intend to begin releasing pro-bike telly adverts in coming weeks. As ever, they'll have to bridge the gap to the Dutch, but we look forward to that particular bunch sprint.

Image courtesy of the London Bicycle Tour Company. Cheers, mates!