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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Bike to work when?

We are being inundated with press releases. We are being asked by everyone and her dog why we haven't mentioned that it's "Bike to Work Week." We hereby mention it.

Mainly the reason why is that for us it's been "Bike to Wrk Decade," and we wouldn't mind if it were somehow officially endorsed by City Hall or whoever decides to make these important gestures. (We need more lawyers riding their bikes, if we're ever going to get more bike paths built.)

Please be assured that this is NOT snobbishness. We can't wait for the day when the bike path is gridlocked with fender-to-fender traffic, and we have to jump on I-394 to make any progress to the office.

We did see a funny article entitled "Drive your bike to work week," and it soothed our contrarian, Gen-X, punk-rock vanity.