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Saturday, April 21, 2007

The Wind Breaker asks: Why are roadies such dicks?

The only people on the planet who are more aloof and judgemental are cross-country ski racers in their particolored fag-bags.

I know lots of roadies, and many of them are terrific guys, when you get to know them. But when they are out on the road, they are dicks.

I know, because when I'm out being a roadie, I'm a dick. I try not to be, but something about the clothes, the funny shoes, the silly cleats. I just feel like I have to ignore everyone else on the road, and if hailed by another cyclist, look at him as if he is dipped in shit.

Look, all it takes is a friendly hello. Just because you are on a bike, and you are wearing funny clothes, that does not mean everyone else on the planet wishes they could hold your wheel, if only they weren't such feeble mortals.

Roadie, don't be a dick. It gains you nothing. Be nice. Say hello. Save the 'tude for the Peloton, where you might actually be able to psych a dude out with that 1000 yard stare.

Also this: Aero bars are gay. Always, no exceptions.